2007 – Dawson Weber Press Release

dw_bg_fvb_1_detail.jpgDAWSON WEBER: BRIDGE GROUP / DEC 1, 2007 – JAN 19, 2008 / Opening DEC 1, 2007 6-8 PM / Open Saturdays and by appointment. Apartment 2 is proud to present an exhibition by Dawson Weber officially entitled “Bridge Group [She first wrote me during one of her trips abroad, telling how she liked the fragility of those moments suspended in time—those memories whose purpose seemed to be solely to leave behind memories. She considered these moments the shattered bits of solace from a world where everything was changing around her all while the day sky stayed blue.]” The exhibition consists of a small selection of collages and one painting from Weber’s ongoing series, “Bridge Group,” that furthers Weber’s exploration of the myriad ways to visually represent bridges—a space of transition between two things. Working with altered postcards of bridges over rivers, and in particular, several dating to 1938 of the Falls View Bridge over Niagara Falls, Weber explores the sub-abyss—the perceived divide between twentieth-century conceptual-art strategies that employ systems of hyper cross-referentiality (think Duchamp, Broodthaers, Stephen Prina) and post-war gestural abstraction, referenced by the single painting in the exhibition. Employing the bridge as motif (both literally through its image in historical photographs) and at its most abstract (through, in the painting, a prominent series of gestural brushstrokes that extend from one side of the canvas to the other), Weber constructs a system for navigating the wiles below. Dawson Weber was born in Maywood, Illinois in 1974. He received his BMusic in music composition from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and a MFA from Art Center College of Design in 2005. Weber lives and works in Los Angeles.


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