2008 – Alex Olson Press Release

For its third exhibition, Apartment 2 presented a suite of paintings by Los Angeles artist Alex Olson entitled Exteriors, &. Here’s a snippet from our introduction to the show: “Olson’s work explores the emblematic and decorative potential of graphics. Checker board patterns, blueprints for ironwork fences and the language of theatrical posters appear on found fabrics and atop the painting’s canvas. With a concern for historic precedents set by artists such as Moira Dryer, Frank Stella, and those of the Supports/Surfaces movement of the late 1960s in France, Olson extends her interest in the duality of the graphic to the role of the painting itself—how it functions as both signifier and material reality.” Alex Olson was born in Boston, MA in 1978. She received a BA from Harvard College in 2001 and an MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2008.


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